• Application:
  • * Commercial vinyl flooring
  • * Vinyl composition tile (VCT)
  • * ​ Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Planks and Sheet

HydraStix95 Aerosol

High Shear Resilient Adhesive

HydraStix 95 Aerosol is a solvent-free aerosol adhesive recommended for difficult installations of commercial vinyl flooring and VCT where there is heavy traffic or rolling loads. It demonstrates highly aggressive grab and exceptional shear bond strength over other aerosol adhesives, and has tremendous moisture and plasticizer resistance.

Packaging: 22 oz. Aerosol Can

  • Application:
  • * Above or on grade bare concrete in the absence of hydrostatic moisture/pressure
  • * Steel * Terrazzo
  • * APA approved plywood

HydraStix 95 Resilient

Multi-use Resilient Adhesive

HydraStix 95 Resilient is a high-strength, high-tack adhesive for installing multiple types of floor coverings such as vinyl tiles & plank, vinyl composition tiles (VCT), dimensionally stable vinyl plank, solid vinyl tile, cork, rubber tile and sheet, non-pvc backed carpet tile and vinyl sheet flooring over porous substrates.

Packaging: 4 Gal. Pail

  • Application:
  • * Above or on grade bare concrete in the absence of hydrostatic moisture/pressure
  • * APA approved, non-treated plywood

HydraStix 95 Broadloom

Adhesive for​ Breathable Broadloom

HydraStix 95 Broadloom is a high solids adhesive developed with high bond strength to withstand demanding indoor applications. It is a solvent-free, low odor adhesive designed for the permanent installation of all breathable backed broadloom carpet.

Packaging: 4 Gal. Pail

  • Application:
  • * On or above grade bare, porous concrete in the absence of hydrostatic moisture/pressure
  • * Radiant heated floors

HydraStix 99 DS 99

​Moisture​ ​​Vapor​ Reduction​ ​​System

DriSeal 99 (DS 99) is a penetrating and film-forming coating that protects flooring installations against moisture readings up to 99% in-situ Relative Humidity (RH) and pH up to 12.0.

Packaging: 4 Gal. Pail

  • Application:
  • * APA Grade underlayment plywood
  • * Flooring grade particle board * OSB
  • * Bare, porous concrete
  • * Cementicious & anhydrite screeds

HydraStix 99 AcouStix

Acoustic Moisture Barrier

AcouStix Acoustic Moisture Barrier is designed for use in conjunction with all floating floor systems including solid and engineered wood, laminate, vinyl tile and plank for reducing moisture vapor and sound transmission.

Packaging: 4 Gal. Pail